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Juggun Kazim is expecting third Child.


Juggun Kazim:

Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim is professionally known as Juggun or Jay Kazim. She is a Pakistani born Canadian actress. Who has work in various Pakistani as well as Canadian films. She is also a well-known television host and a famous YouTube personality. And she was born on 7th January 1980 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

She belongs to a Kashmiri Punjabi well-educated Muslim family. Kazim Raza Kazim who is a lawyer, as well as a supporter of the arts, is her uncle. Whereas, Nasim Zehra, a well-known journalist is her aunt. She has two siblings an elder sister and a younger brother. Her father’s name is Syed Abbas Kazim and her mother is Ghazala Saigol. Unfortunately, when she was just at the age of a year, her parents were separated. She had a keen interest in the Media since her childhood.

She got marry in 2004 to Ahmed Tajik, who met her in her friend’s wedding ceremony. After returning back from Canada. The couple had also bless with a son, Hamza. Unfortunately, she got divorce after one year. She claim that Ahmed beat her. She took the custody of Hamza who was just two months old at that time. Afterwards she got her second marriage to Feisal H Naqvi on 27 June 2013. With whom she has another son, Hassan.

Juggun kazim expecting third child:

In her Vlog, she share how she came to know about it, her experiences, health conditions and everything in her pregnancy time. She share: “Today I am going to talk about my pregnancy and my experiences. In the first trimester, I had constant vomiting. And then expecting during COVID, then reaching to doctor. Then mostly bed rest and back pain. You can’t sleep at night. And your body changes and then people fat shame you.”

Talking about her experience, she said, Last year I had a very bad miscarriage. After that I became depressed and upset. I thought I will have a daughter. But I had a miscarriage. So I was not expecting to get expected. In February, I came to know that I am a few weeks pregnant. I was excited but scared because Hamza was born and after that, I had a miscarriage. And then Hassan was born and again miscarriage. So I and my husband had a conversation and he said to me that our family is complete. As from the previous marriage he has kids and from this marriage as well.”

She also share that during Ramadan transmission she had major back pain and different other issues. So she had to bed rest. She said, “So you can imagine about the depression because I am a workaholic and an active mother. Due to all this, I also gained lots of weight around 50 pounds. Still, if I talk I have breathing issues and my feet are swelled up. So this is my pregnancy so far.”

Talking about how she was fat-shamed, Juggun share, “The thing which has hurt me the most is that how people make fun of you when you gain weight. See when anyone gains weight they know about it so you don’t have to go to them and tell them about it. I recently uploaded a shout out video many people sent me lovely messages but some made fun of me. Many people mocked me and said ‘haye, moti hogae ho, Haye isko kya hogaya hai?’”

She advise that we must not judge. And hurt people just because of their looks. In the end, she ask everyone to pray for her and the baby.

Watch complete Vlog here:

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