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Juhi Chawla is confident for public liking.


Juhi Chawla is confident for public liking.

Indian film actress Juhi Chawla has said that if she appears in the upcoming films, people would certainly like her appearance. She said I am fully confident in this regard. She also thanked producers for giving her opportunities in the past. However she refused to make any more comment in this regard.

The most important thing which is to be mentioned with reference to actress Juhi, is that she remained Miss India, after winning the competition organized for this position.

As regards, Juhi’s confidence towards her fans’ liking, it is for solid reason as she has a showbiz career on her background, worked in several films. and presented award winning performance.
The actress was born on 13 November 1967. She is also a model and film producer. She has won several awards including two Filmfare Awards which is very prestigious one. It is given by the largest media group of the country. The group publishes the most widely circulated  English Newspaper of the country, The Times of India. Selection for the award is made on dual voting system i.e. votes from the public and the votes from a penal of the experts from the showbiz industry. There are different awards under this title, such as Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award and so on.

Actress Chawla has worked mostly in Hindi films but also performed in some other languages films. However she is one of the most popular actresses of Hindi films.
Chawla started her carrier with her performance in the film ‘Saltanat’ which was released in 1986. Then she worked in the film ‘Qayamata Se Qayamat Tak’. This film was released in 1988, then she played a leading role in drama ‘Swang’ presented in 1990 and then in ‘Bol Radha Bol’ in 1992. After that, in1993, she worked in ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke’ and won Filmfair award for Best Actress. Then she worked in more so many films and her performance was received very well by the people. Most of her films remained very successful and made good business on the box office.
Besides, film career, the actress also worked in stage shows. she also participates in social activities. It can be said that she is not only a big name of the Indian showbiz industry but also a talented and active figure of the society.
As regards Juhi’s personal life, she is a married woman and  has two kids.

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