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Justin Bieber defamation suit against 2 women


Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has filed a 20 million defamation suit against women accused of sexual harassment and rape.

The 26-year-old singer was accused of sexual harassment and exploitation by two women on social media site Twitter on June 20. Justin Bieber was also accused of sexual harassment and harassment by a social media star on Twitter.

Calling the allegations of social media star Cady and another woman a source of cheap fame, the singer wrote that the allegations made by the women are based on lies, which is not possible in reality.

Justin Bieber has denied allegations of sexual harassment and rape by two young women, calling them a fabrication.

Following allegations of sexual harassment and rape by both women, Justin Bieber denied the allegations in a series of tweets on June 21.

The first woman to accuse Justin Bieber deleted all tweets and the singer called the allegations a fabrication.

Justin made it clear in his series of tweets that the woman he was referring to was not at the hotel on that day and also provided screenshots of some of the evidence in this regard.

Before filing the defamation suit, Justin called all the allegations against him fabricated in his tweets.

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