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KahaniSaaz’s Changezi Mohabbat has indeed striked a cord

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KahaniSaaz has kicked off well with. Likewise, It’s first short-film Changezi Mohabbat. It has turned out to be as promising as the trailer. Its had proposed. In conclusion, KahaniSaaz delves you into eight minutes of unforgettable emotions. That every individual can relate to. Haven’t we all fallen victim to love at some point in our lives?. On the other hand, Experience it yourself in the link below.

In other words, Hear touching dialogues by Ali Afzal Kamal. The beautiful cinematography by Naveed Akbar and Fatima Asad. Consequently, This drama film stars. New and emerging artists Saad Hussain and Areej Zia. The in-depth performance by the actors keeps you. Hooked-up till the end. They have accurately conveyed the emotions. The story was meant to convey. Old age makeup transformation of the characters. Done by Laeeq Ahmad.

A bittersweet symphony. Changezi Mohabbat is a love story. Its based on mysterious nature of love. Intense feelings of deep affection. In the same vein, It does not need any special qualification. Fancy degrees or expensive credentials. Love fills you with intense. Overwhelmingly happy emotions. Leaving you feeling like one giant dose of joy. Indeed love just hits you straight at heart. So, does the film short film Changezi Mohabbat!


Changezi Mohabbat is a bitter-sweet love story. It based on Mysterious Nature Of Love. One Can fall a Victim to Love at anytime anywhere. Intense feeling of deep affection. They does not need any Special Qualification. Fancy Degrees or Expensive Credentials.

In short, Love fills you with intense. Overwhelmingly happy emotions, leaving you feeling like one giant dose of joy. It just hit you straight in the eye. Changezi Mohabbat is a romance short film with a twisted. Heart breaking yet heart-touching end. Enjoy the emotional roller coaster. While you watch this short love story.


Dialogues by Ali Afzal Kamal.

Story By Naveed Akbar.

Directed by Fatima Asad.

Produced by Naveed Akbar.

D.O.P: Fatima Asad & Naveed Akbar.

Cast : For instance: Saad Hussain, Areej Zia, Zainab Shafique, Hilal Zia, Fatima Asad, Mohommad Laeeq.

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