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KahaniSaaz’s new trailer leaves people awe inspired once again


KahaniSaaz’s is about to release their third short film titled, “Jahaaz“. The poster and trailer is already out and looks refreshing. The poster doesn’t give away much but it shows the story of two girls but nothing is certain. As KahaniSaaz enjoys experimenting so we will have to wait for the film to see what KahaniSaaz’s is going to unfold.

The name Jahaaz sounds interesting as the story can be of any genre and the expressions in the poster looks vibrant yet peaceful. However the trailer recently released gives a slight hint that the film will have a philosophical take. The trailer is also another proof that they are sticking to their niche of quality content as this is KahaniSaaz’s first priority.

Kahanisaaz is raising their bar with every film and both the poster and trailer suggests that film is going to be a good watch.To know more about what KahaniSaaz is going to bring you this time do watch the trailer.

In the era of the digital wave and fast communication, while the world is focusing on going viral and generating clicks, ignoring the quality of the content, a new wave of emerging artists under the banner of KahaniSaaz is ready to change the spectrum.


A filmmaking startup, KahaniSaaz is determined to set new standards in the Pakistani entertainment industry. ‘A new wave cinema’ as Naveed Akbar, co-founder and producer of KahaniSaaz calls it.

“Our fuel is new and raw talent,” says Naveed.

The company has produced six short films, So, far on genres ranging from philosophy to comedy. These films will premiere on its Youtube channel by the name “KahaniSaaz”. With at least one release per month. Many more are under production, including music videos of new and emerging singers.

The first teaser is said to be released on 10th May 2019. Meanwhile, its introductory video. Which is a collage of the six upcoming short films. It is out on Youtube, titled, ‘KahaniSaaz.

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