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Kaifi and Faiz never needed individuals to lose trust: Shabana Azmi

The fourth Faiz International Festival commenced yesterday as famous Bollywood stars – artist Javed Akhtar


The fourth Faiz International Festival commenced yesterday as famous Bollywood stars – artist Javed Akhtar and his on-screen character spouse Shabana Azmi – joined the occasion held at Lahore’s Alhamra Hall. The mela’s first day saw a presentation at Alhamra Art display highlighting blurbs of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and his work.

A play titled Kaala Mainda Bhes was likewise performed by Ajoka Theater, paying tribute to their late originator, Madeeha Gauhar. Besides, a melodic night was held with vocalist Tahira Syed.

mighty singer tahira syed

Obviously, Azmi and Akhtar were the focal point of consideration at the fete, with an incalculable measure of individuals making a beeline for the setting for the on-screen character’s session. The celebration’s organization had conveyed a unique welcome to the star couple.

Shahbana azmi Faiz International Festival

The two engaged gatherings of people alike, with Akhtar discussing his verse and Azmi showing up amid an extraordinary occasion titled ‘Kaifi and Faiz’, nearby Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s little girl Salima Hashmi. The name of the session has been gotten from Azmi and Hashmi’s dads, Kaifi and Faiz, separately

Amid the session, the girls of the late legends talked about crafted by the acclaimed writers and the conditions of their time. Supporter Ibn Abdur Rehman, essayist Dr Sughra Sadaf, Faiz’s little girl Muneeza Hashmi, and numerous other extraordinary identities were available in the gathering of people.

The Sparsh performer talked about her dad and his association with the unbelievable Faiz. “My dad and Faiz Ahmad Faiz were dynamic and progressive artists who talked about ground substances and open circumstances inside their verse,” Azmi shared amid her session. “Their verse invigorated from work and battle wherein they asked people in general to never lose trust. There’s a reason people still take direction from the verse of Kaifi and Faiz, till this day.”

Azmi proceeded to discuss Faiz’s verse after which Akhtar additionally displayed his own. In spite of the fact that the Kal Ho Naa Ho lyricist gave a piece of his work to the gathering of people yesterday, a total session titled ‘Mohabbat Ki Zubaan’ will be held today, amid which Akhtar will talk close by artist Amjad Islam Amjad. The Bollywood veterans got an extraordinary reaction from the gathering of people. Azmi was so overpowered and joyed with the positive response that she expressed she will make a point to share in the celebration one year from now also.

 4th Faiz International Festival

The Faiz Festival will keep running until November 18, 2018, and is relied upon to highlight around 100 superstars, both neighborhood and remote, and also 30 universal researchers will’s identity talking at various sessions. Nearby the overall population, different showbiz identities, artistic goliaths, human rights activists and noticeable outside visitors were likewise present.

Alhamra Hall was picked as the area for the occasion as it is the center point of stimulation where various exercises, artistic dialogs, theater features and melodic exhibitions are held. Prior to the celebration, Punjab’s Information and Culture Minister Fayyazul Hasan Chohan and Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar got together with the Arth star and Akhtar for their official welcome.

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