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Kajol once threatened her hubby Ajay Devgn of leaving his house


The Bollywood actress Kajol once threatened to separate from her husband Ajay Devgn. The reason for which has now come to light.


The Indian film industry and star-watching website claims that star actor Ajay Devgn was working on a project with controversial actress Kangana Ranaut. In the past to spread rumors of a relationship between the two.

Kangana Ranaut

According to the website. There were speculations that Kangana Ranaut and Ajay Devgn have forged a close relationship with each other.


Following these lies. Kajol once threatened Ajay that she would take her children with her and separate from her husband and leave the house. The actor later took her into confidence and assured her that there was no such thing but rumors circulating in the media.


In an interview, Ajay Devgn was asked about this, he said that the media seems to misinterpret when two people are seen together in pictures, I just do my job and attribute someone with my name Will not allow

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