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Kamal Ahmed Rizvi: 3rd anniversary


3rd anniversary of kamal Ahmed Rizvi

Allan, a very famous character of Pakistan Television screen whose real name was Kamal Ahmed Rizvi passed away from this mortal world nearly three years ago. He was a very famous and unique character of showbiz industry. His most favorite drama series was ‘Alif aur Noon’. He was writer, director and an actor of this series. A very famous film star,Nannah whose real name was  Rafi Khawer  too performed with him in this series. Both actors looked  to be compulsory for each other and their pair or combination  was liked too much. Kamal Ahmed Rizvi also performed in various other dramas and screen programs. He also translated several books . 

His above drama series was a very famous and favorite TV program of that time. It was liked so much that people even leave their works and rush to watch this program. In this series  society’s shortcomings were highlighted in a very interesting way. For example lack of cleanliness in food preparation by manufacturers and vendors, bribes in monitory terms and in other kinds and shapes, favoritism and partial ism in key decisions of decision makers and such other things were highlighted in very  interesting and funny way . watchers used to see them, laugh and appreciate such efforts  to eliminate these evils. He also showed his telnet in so many other screen and theater dramas including ‘aadhi baat'(half talk), ‘khoya hua aadmi'(the lost man), ‘ham sab pagal hain'( we all are fool) and several other plays. 

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi also also remained editors of several prominent magazines. Besides this he also wrote children’s literature. It can be said that he was a very literary man and adopted the field of reading, writing and performing not only as a profession but also also as a hobby and trend of his mind.

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi was born in India in 1930 and served the industry  and society.He, leaving thousands of his fans  sad passed away from this world on 17 December 2015  due to a fatal heart attack.

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