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Kangana attends Cannes Film Festival


Showbiz industry is the field where body figure is very important. If someone gains extra weight, or any other issue such as skin or face problem he or she faces loss in career.

In such a case the star sometimes even does not get any business at all or has to get along with only extra roles.

This is why showbiz performers are very conscious about their body fitness including their weight.

They try their best to control it by avoiding to take favourite food, doing boring and hard physical exercises and other steps.

Kangna Ranaut , one of the highest paid actresses of the Indian Showbiz Industry has also faced this situation.

She gained extra weight and then  had to do efforts for losing it. According to media reports she has lost five kg weight in ten days’ efforts. 

The star was to attend Cannes Film Festival. This is why she did so very seriously.

The event of Cannes Film Festival is held in the city of Cannes, France annually and usually in the month of May.

In the event only invited celebrities are allowed. It is said that the management is very conscious about maintaining the standard of the event.

In the past it was reported that some celebrities were not allowed to enter because of their flat shoes whereas they were asked to wear high heel shoes.

Some other comments too are  passed about the event.

It has been reported that this year the France Government has managed a hotline to report of any objectionable act such as sextual harrasments etc to assist the management of the festival to maintain its  quality and standard.

Kangana was invited there and in order to attend the festival she was very conscious about her body figure including her weight.

Accordingly she tried best to control it. She also shared photos on social media platform Instagram which show the exercises she tried in the gym for losing her weight.

Besides, her team that looks after the matters relating to her public relation affairs had been trying to keep her fans informed about her efforts.Kangna then attended the festival ad spoke there to the audience.

She made there some good suggestions for the betterment of the Indian showbiz industry.

One of her suggestions was to establish a film academy in Mumbai for imparting training to those willing to enter in this field.  



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