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Kangana entry on Twitter with Aamir Khan name.


There are two names in Bollywood right now that are constantly in the headlines. One is Sushant Singh Rajput and the other is Kangana Ranaut, on whom this dialogue is fulfilled nowadays. “It can’t happen if I forget you and if you forget me I won’t let it happen.”

However, Kangana has joined Twitter this week. She did her best to make her entry on Twitter explosive, for which she resort to a big star like Aamir Khan. She shared an old story about him. In which Aamir was quote as saying that both my wives are Hindus but my children will follow Islam.

Sharing this article, Kangana wrote: “Hindu + Muslim = Muslim” is a fanatic. In response, a Twitter user wrote: ‘This false news about Aamir is ten years old. On which Aamir Khan had lodge a complaint and action was taken against that journalist.

Kangana was later accuse on Twitter of spreading fake news against Aamir Khan. While joining Twitter, Kangana also release a video in which she explain why she is joining Twitter.

She said that people use to say bad things about her and even called her a witch. But she never respond. But after the death of Sushant Singh she realize how big and important the power of social media is.

By the way, not only Aamir Khan but also Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Mahesh Bhatt and Naseeruddin Shah. And Alia Bhatt are under the arrow of Kangana on Twitter.

Let’s see now Kangana to whom bring justice in her own way on Twitter.

As far as Sushant’s campaign for justice is concern. Vikas Singh, counsel for Sushant’s family, says that Kangana has said some things correctly in Sushant’s case. But in this case she has hers own agenda.

Kangana Ranaut is making alot of mess these days. When she has joined the twitter. People are saying she is doing this because of gaining fame. She always enter in the twitter with an explosive news. As you remember in previous days she took knock kneed with Pakistani celebrities. Which she get a very good answers by our celebrities.

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