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Pakistan Celebrities sharp reply to Kangana.


KARACHI: Actors Muneeb Butt and Momina Mustahasan have lashed out at Indian actress Kangana Ranaut for making insulting remarks about Pakistan and Muslims.

Bollywood’s narrow-minded actress Kangana Ranaut is one of the few Indian actresses to be in the news not because of her work. But because of her controversial statements. Sometimes she goes after Indian producers and artists for nepotism. Sometimes she makes statement against Pakistan.

Kangana Ranaut’s favorite subject is to make anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim statements. She probably knows the cheap fame she get is from making statements.

Against Pakistan will probably not come from talking on any other topic. Therefore, by involving Pakistan and Muslims in the Indian issue without any reason. He proved how much he is against Pakistan and Muslims.

Recently, a trailer of Sanjay Dutt and Alia Bhatt’s film “Sarak 2”. In which Rohit Jaiswal, an Indian film analyst, vented his anger against Muslims. He said in the trailer, Alia Bhatt says: “I lost someone because of these gurus.” Can the word “guru” be replace with “maulvi” or “priest”?

Rohit Jaiswal Tweet

A man name Rohit Jaiswal tweet that he has a lot of hate against Muslims in his heart. However, Kangana Ranaut went two steps ahead of this man. Intervening in the holy place of Pakistan and Muslims, he asked if they could replace the Guru with the Maulvi and the Kailash scandal with the “Mecca scandal”.

“Why are some Pakistani agents allow to spread religious hatred and bigotry in India?” He asked. Pakistan has nothing to do with the trailer or release of “Road 2” but despite this, Kangana’s statement shows his narrow-mindedness and his opposition to Pakistan and Muslims.

Muneeb Butt Tweet

However, Pakistani artists responded to Kangnarnaut’s tweet. Actor Muneeb Butt wrote on Instagram that these Hindutva extremists are India’s biggest problem. Muslims living in India should take strong action against these devotees of Modi. These are the worst ways for these people to hide their failures and remain popular among the people to speak against Muslims, speak ill of Pakistan and make them wow.

Muneeb Butt further said that educated and secular Indians we sympathize with you. Kangana Ranaut should be ashamed of making insulting remarks against Pakistan and Muslims. “And if there is more problem, this time we will drink ginger tea with cardamom. Send it to Nandan now.”

Muneeb Butt also took Kangana Ranaut by surprise on Twitter and said why Indians are so obsessed with Pakistan and their stupid media accurately reflects the real mindset of Indians. “There is more problem. Send pilot tea from Pakistan. It is ready.”

Momina Mustehsan Tweet

Not only Muneeb Butt but also Momina Mustahasan condemned Kangana Ranaut’s statement and said why do these people bring Pakistan in the middle in all their affairs? While all of this is to no avail, these moves will alienate Kangana from her ongoing mission against nepotism, her internal state, religious hatred and prejudice. Justice can never be achieved by spreading religious hatred.

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