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Kangana Ranaut’s attitude under criticism


Indian film star and producer Kangana Ranaut is nowadays under fire by the Indian media and perhaps it is not wrong in doing so because the reports appearing in that media are based on Kangana’s  own statements and adopted behavior for others. 

In the recent past she adopted a policy to criticize Pakistan now and then but now it appears that she has a rough attitude also towards many others.When she criticized Pakistan in the recent past even then her practice was not seen favorably by several people even in India because any unnecessary criticism is not seen by anyone as a positive contribution and does not bring any good result. Such criticism only increased bitterness and tension between the two such nations who will have to become close at any time in future because of being neighbor to each other. Accordingly so  many intellectuals, including showbiz people try to bridge the gulf between Indian and Pakistan and say that tensions should be decreased. Several artists usually release statements that they are ambitions to work with Pakistani artists.

Sanjay Dutt a super star of the Indian film industry has expressed recently his psychological attachment to Pakistan  because his elders were originally Pakistanis and moved to India after partition of the subcontinent .It is therefore not thought to be a good behavior to increase tensions with others. Any show biz personality, whether he or she  is an actor, writer, director or any other player, has usually a soft image and an aesthetic mind. He or she is very polite for others in behavior and talking style.

Kangana’s behavior was also minded by several people when her film about queen of Jhansi was released and controversies appeared on some contents of the film. Her response to these controversies was criticized by several quarters. They described it rude and not suitable.Now reports have appeared that director Mahesh Bhatt threw a shoe over Kangana in anger. This happened in a theater when she was in her teen age. Such act is a very extreme act. People are surprised and are compelled to think that why a great actress is the focus of so many  such tensions.



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