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Kangna says: some people are not happy.


Kangna Ranaut has said some people are not happy over my direction. Famous Indian film actress and director, Kangna Ranaut has said that some people are not happy over her entry in direction field. she has said that they are waiting for her failure. She gave this statement while commenting on direction in her film Minikarnica: The Queen of Jhansi, before the release of the film and when it was at final sage. .  However she did not named any person specifically. It was being said that some quarters objected on some contents of the film. So she may have given the statement in this context. Kangna, born on 23 March 1987, is the person who has made his career with  personal struggle without any support as contrast to some other stars who enter the showbiz or any other field with the identity of his father or mother. and because of this edge and advantage they are in a better position than other incumbent to enter the field.
When we glance over the struggle of this celebrity, we find that she struggled in several fields to adopt a suitable profession as a permanent carer for advancement in her life. Her elders were willing to make her a doctor. She also studied and tried for it but after failure in a subject and becoming unable to adopt  that career, she reconsidered his future program. She became model, worked in a theater, worked as a dress designer and as an actress

. Now she is a very successful person in showbiz field and it is said that she is one of the highest paid celebrities in India. She has also won several awards. She also enjoy the reputation of being an honest person in terms of expressing her inner heart. Whatever she feels, she expresses it publicly.  Now when we see her way of advancement in life and career, including her recently released film, Mini Karnia: The queen of Jhansi,, we can note that she is the person who is ready to take initiatives and bold steps with talented ideas. She tells that before releasing the film she also got certificates from four historians so that the events presented in the film are ascertained and are enforce with authenticity.    

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