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Kanika Kapoor cancels upcoming shows in Pakistan


Kanika Kapoor has added her voice to the ongoing controversy of banning Pakistani artists in Bollywood films.

The popular singer told Hindustan Times “Why should they be banned from coming here? They are so talented. They are human beings at the end of the way. Because of certain people who want to create war and don’t believe in peace, it’s unfair to make everyone else suffer”.

Kapoor has cancelled her upcoming shows in Pakistan citing the growing tension following the surgical strikes made her feel unsafe. “I had a show in Karachi on October 28, followed by four other shows in other parts of the country. But I cancelled all of them. I thought it was not a good idea to go. As a girl, it’s dangerous for me to go amid such tension,” said Kapoor.

Although monies have been returned to ticket-holders, Kapoor expressed her sadness that it is the fans and artists suffering – “It’s very sad because of government and politics, we artists have to suffer. There are many artists from Pakistan who want to come to India and work. We love their music and vice versa. An artist is an artist, why should you drag them into it?” she said.

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