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Kashees Salon Celebration On Winning Hum Award.


Kashees is a very old Beauty Parlor and a famous beauty salon in Karachi, owned by Kashif Aslam. Kashees Beauty Parlor is one of the famous salons in Pakistan and also in Karachi to offer a complete Salon Spa experience. Created to meet the diverse beauty needs of women. Therefore Kashee’s is dedicated to providing a panoply of beauty services under one roof.

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour is a renowned beauty salon. Initially started as a top salon service provider for men. This salon now offers great makeup services for women as well. And has many satisfied customers who truly will say that this salon always provides them something good every time. However the Salon is run by Kashif Aslam. Who himself is a famous beauty expert for both men and women.

Recently Kashee’s Salon was nominated in Hum Social Media Awards in the category of most popular makeup artist and they won the award.

Here we have gather some pictures of the celebration.

Have a Look:

This achievement celebrated by Kashee’s Salon.

Finally with all your love and support. And my years of hard work pay off in form of this WIN. We got the most popular makeup artist award by HUM TV social media award. Which was held first time in Pakistan. And I am totally out of words right now. I am feeling so bless and fortunate to have all of you by my side. And also for winning this award is like a dream come true, says Kashif Aslam.

Kashif thanked all the fans who supported him. And specially HUM TV for recognizing efforts and hard work of kashee’s. At last Kashif mention that kashee’s will achieve more milestones like this InshaALLAH. We wish him and his whole team best of luck for future challenges. May God bless them.

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