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Katrina Kaif Own Production House Soon

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India’s famous film actress Katrina Kaif has expressed hope that she would start her own production house by the end of the current year.

Nowadays the actress is busy in promotion of her upcoming film ‘Bharat’ which will be released on 5 June. In this film Katrina is performing main leading role opposite to Salman Khan.

According to media reports The actress told that she would commence her own production house in very this year and would start her film project under that production house.

It is being reported by the media that Katrina has purchased the copyrights of a foreign film ‘He loves me loves me not’ and will work on that film.
Katrina is not the first person who is going to make her production house but there are so many other stars of the Indian film industry who own such houses. They include Swara Bhaskar, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma. They are owners of the Khannewala, Purple Pebble Pictures, and Clean Slate Films respectively.

About her foreign film project, Katrina clarified that actually her project would not be the copy of that film but some ideas are to be taken from it. She said ”I will give it my own title which I think will reflect the story more accurately”.

In an interview she also commented on her use of social media and said that she was against to use it but later she decided to join as it is the important requirement of the time and she could not ignore it. She said ”when I see people’s posting on the said media about myself I worry to note that it is not my true picture”. However she said that I can do nothing and quite helpless in this regard.

About the social media she further said when twitter first came to India, my manager told me that this platform wishes for me to use it. That time I was not prepared for it at all but now I think that I took a right decision to join it specially to clarify my position when any unreal posting is made about me by any user.

The actress is nowadays, as she always says, has her mind engaged because of her upcoming film ‘Bharat’ and after its release and seeing audience response, she will be in relaxed mode.

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