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Katrina speaks about Shahrukh


Indian film star Katrina Kaif has said that Shah Rukh Khan is still the same person with reference to his thinking style for filmmaking. 

She said Shahrukh khan has spent a very long time in this film industry but he still has same thinking and ideology for making films.

He appreciated his passion for work.It may be recalled that Shahrukh khan in the recent past has delivered some unsuccessful films showing little performance on the box office including his film ‘Zero’. 

Katrina is nowadays waiting for her film Bharat. In this film she will appear opposite to Salman Khan who will play the role of an old man in the film. 

Katrina shows that she is very conscious about the success of her film and says that she is always worried about of her coming film irrespective of who will be opposite to her in the film.

She also says that the films which are released on the occasion of Diwali, Christmas, Eid etc are accompanied with much expectations and not only its sars but also director producer and all others who have contributed their work for creating the film are worried because all are responsible for its success or failure and resulting response of the audience.The film Bharat is going to be released on June 5.

Katrina, a 35-year old actress has played the leading role in it. Film is under the direction of Ali Abbas Zafar.   

Katrina, who have expressed his opinion about Shahrukh khan and film success issue is a very senior person and has vast experience of life.

She is now 35. Moreover it is good that she does not reserve her opinion  and expresses it openly. 


In the recent past she also praised Pakistani Noble prize holder girl Malala Yousafzai and passed good remarks about her.

She told that during those days she was studying Malala yousafzai’s book  ‘We are misplaced’ which telles Mala’s life story and has been written by Malala herself.

She shared book’s title on Instagram and remarked ”In this book Malala and other girls’ stories are equally much impressive.

These stories will help the all those girls’ dreams come true who  are confident about themself.

Malala  I am sure that  one day you will change the world with our powers .

The world needs you and the girls like you’.The above appreciation or remarks of Katrina are not only an admiration of Malala but also reflects Katrina’s thinking style.If someone appreciate anybody it means that he or she has also same thinking style.



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