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First love can never be forgotten, Khubi Ali


“You can never forget your first love,” says singer and actor Khubi Ali, son of renowned singer Sajjad Ali.

Pakistan’s leading singer Sajjad Ali’s new song ‘Barish’ has reached popularity as soon as it is released.

“It is a matter of pride for me to act as the actor for the first time in my father’s new song,” Khubi Ali wrote in the caption of the video.

“You can never really forget your first love,” he wrote.

In addition to this post, Shuhay Ali shared his photo on Instagram yesterday, in which caption he thanked everyone who liked his acting.

Shukhi Ali thanked the customers for their encouragement and wrote: ‘It is a pleasure for me to work with two legends.

He further wrote, “May you all express your love and affection for our upcoming music.”

It should be noted that singer Sajjad Ali’s new song ‘Rain’ was released just two days ago.

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