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“Ki Jana” Nominate for Miami Short Film Festival.


The music video ‘Ki Jana’ is nominated for the music video category of two award shows. Which are Miami Short Film Festival and Bucharest Film Awards.

About Nabeel Qureshi.

The music video has shot by none. Other than talented director Nabeel Qureshi. Who is also the mastermind behind many films including Load Wedding and Actor In Law. Nabeel Qureshi is a Pakistani film director, screenwriter and also occasional singer. He is best known for making movies that tackle socio economic issues in a thought provoking yet light heart manner. Nabeel use a unique style incorporate in his realistic stories. Which in turn has gained a lot of critical acclaim.

He made waves in Pakistani cinema with his debut feature film, Na Maloom Afraad. Where he won an award for best film director following up with his critical acclaim. And his biggest box office hit till date Actor in Law. For which he again won an award for best director. His films topics probe the society to think about topics that are consider unimportant and don’t matter in the system.

About Music Video “Ki Jana”.

Actress Sonya Hussain is the lead star in the video. And Mohsin Abbas Haider also made a short cameo in the music video. The beautiful song has been compose by Shani Arshad. And the lyrics which are narrated in the video were penned down by Baba Bulleh Shah.

The main theme of the video is ‘honour killing’. A girl and the boy falls in love irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and colour. And they tried to escape from girl’s family. However the girl’s father caught them and shot them in a horrible way.

The video has shot in the breathtaking desert area of Balochistan. The director has shot the video beautifully and people are loving it. The big news was share by Mohsin Abbas Haider. Therefore he wrote, “Ki Jana Music Video is selected for “Miami Short Film Festival”. And “Bucharest Film Awards” Congrats To The Whole Team Of #KiJana”.

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