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Kiara Advani’s Look-alike is Breaking the Internet with ‘Kabir Singh’ TikTok Videos


Soon after its release, the movie was all over social media with fans even making memes about lead character Kabir Singh, played by Shahid Kapoor, obsessing over Preeti, played by Kiara Advani. ‘Kabir Singh ki bandi’ dialogue, which referred to Kiara’s character in Kabir Singh, became viral and is still cited by fans.

Now, netizens have got their hands on the videos of a TikTok user Kalpana Sharma, who has been recreating scenes featuring Kiara’s character Preeti in Kabir Singh. Kalpana, who has triggered frenzy with her uncanny resemblance to Kiara, has impressed many social media users and has acquired quite a fan base for herself.

In the clips, Kalpana is acing Preeti’s look by dressing like her from the Bollywood film. From her mannerisms to her smile, TikTok user Kalpana seems to be taking mimicry quite seriously.

Check out videos of Kalpana imitating Kiara in Kabir Singh below:

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