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Komal Rizvi prepares for the show in Sri Lanka


Internationally renowned singer Komal Rizvi started preparing for the show in Sri Lanka on March 23 in Sri Lanka.

Komal Rizvi is working day and night to make the show a successful performance. Show at the three-day Cultural Festival in Sri Lanka. Singer Komal Rizvi said that there is a great demand for Pakistani folk music and Sufian music worldwide. There is a magic in our music, which has taken listeners around the world.

As an ambassador to Pakistan, I work hard for the Sri Lankan show.

Komal Rizvi also said in response to a question that at a young age. I was connected to the shining world of showbiz.

I was introduced to Haider Imam Rizvi’s play Hawa, but at the time I was very young, I have also interviewed Bollywood’s top performers, which were aired on International Channel V, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan. Interviews by Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar etc. were highly liked.

“I never ran out of fame, working on my own, which also is why every time I spend two or three years with myself, new songs, videos and some new ideas,” he said. Start work

My parents also paid close attention to my training, and my father and brother, Hasan Rizvi, supported me in showbiz.

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