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Kumkum Bhagya 9 February 2017 full episode written update


Team Pragya is happy to see Abhi attracted towards Pragya. They are confident that Abhi will now break his marriage with Tanu.

Abhi tells Pragya that he has never seen a beautiful girl like her in his whole life. Pragya feels that Abhi has lost his senses.They enjoy eating ice-creams together. Pragya leaves him to do some work. Tanu comes and asks Abhi why he is holding a ladies bag. Abhi is so lost that he forgets Tanu’s name also. He is not able to keep his eyes away from Pragya, he asks Tanu that what name he should give to Pragya who is looking both stylish and beautiful at the same time. Tanu gets irked, she reminds Abhi that this is their party and he should focus on Tanu. Abhi is so mesmerised by Pragya’s beauty that he is not in a position to answer sensibly to Tanu. He makes some excuse and leaves Tanu alone.

Purab comes and mocks Tanu. He says that her claim of winning Abhi through her fake beauty has failed. Tanu is not able to say anything, she has already lost confidence. Purab asks her to pack her bags and leave the Mehra house. Abhi is following Pragya everywhere. He comes to Pragya when she is alone. He feels that Pragya’s attitude has also changed, he wonders why he is getting so conscious in front of her. Dadi and Daasi call Sarla and share the good news about Abhi’s attraction for Pragya. Sarla is happy.

Nikhil comes to the party, he asks Tanu why she has called him. Tanu tells him about everything, she asks his help to teach Pragya a lesson. Nikhi comes up with a plan, he decides to kill Pragya. Nikhil says now that Aalia is not included in the plan, he wants Tanu’s full support and commitment. He doesn’t want to fail again. Tanu says that she is more than interested in removing Pragya from their life forever. She says that Pragya is the biggest barrier between them and their dream life and now it is important to kill her. Nikhil asks Tanu to take care of Abhi and he will kill Pragya tonight.


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