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Laal Kabootar to be Screened in Dubai


Special screening of the film Laal Kabootar took place in Dubai. Which occasion the cast and director of the film were honored.

“The people who belong to our industry have all praised. The Laal Kabootar,” said Mansha Pasha, the heroine of the film.

It is to be remembered that the unique film “Lal Kabootar”. “Geofilms” and the Canal Ghar Films. It is a unique effort made on the social issues of greed, power, revenge, romance, comedy, action, thrills and Karachi.

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The film has also been nominated for an Oscar by Pakistan.

In addition, the film has won several awards, including several Asian Film Festivals.

However, The film “Lal Kabootar” is produced by Kamila Cheema and Hania Cheema’s production company “Canal Ghar”.

However, The brilliant story written by Ali Abbas Naqvi. Therefore, It has been directed by award-winning director Kamal Khan and the film is directed by Tahha Malik.

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