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Lady Clamming To Be the Third Wife Of Junaid Jamshaid


Razia Muzaffar, a ladies who has a place with Islamabad asserted that she is the widow of minister Junaid Jamshaid. She got hitched to Junaid Jamshaid on twentieth October 2009. He used to send her cash each month. She said the offspring of her companion from his first wife had gotten a progression. endorsement from the court by disguising the reality of her heirship. and she was being prevented from her due right from claiming legacy from her late-life partner.

She referenced the subtleties of versatile and steadfast properties worth a large number of rupees. according to the progression declaration and presented, that she had moved toward the court for repudiation of the letter of organization gave for Junaid Jamshed’s child and other youngsters from his first spouse and the court had allowed business as usual in the issue.

She mentioned the court to concede her the portion of legacy in the home. of the perished according to the Muslim laws. and direct the organization, segment. and appropriation of the home of the expired among every single lawful beneficiary according to their separate offers.

The SHC’s single-seat, headed by Justice Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi. after the fundamental becoming aware of the claim, gave notification to the legitimate beneficiaries of Junaid Jamshed and others for September 2. The court, meanwhile, guided the respondents to keep up the norm in regard to the expired’s all properties.

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