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Lahore Literary Festival ends in New York


4th edition of Lahore Literary Festival has ended in New York, USA. According to media reports.

Pakistan’s permanent  ambassador to the United Nation Dr Maliha Lodhi spoke to a large number of audience who  attended the festival in Asian Hall.

Dr Lodhi laid stress on the importance of culture activities and heritage and  the changes they bring to ideology, thinking and behaviour of the people.

She also said that such activities  bridge gaps among the various nations and societies. She described the city of Lahore as hub of Pakistan’s cultural activities.Dr Maliha has rightly held Lahore the centre of Pakistan’s cultural activities.

Actually this city is not only the centre of cultural events but we also know that nearly ninety percent of poets and writers of Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, either lahore-born, got education in Lahore or made it their activity center.

It remained the city of famous drama writers, poets and other intellectuals. Accordingly this is also the city of film and showbiz activities because all the above mentioned things when combine together, a film or play is created.

Keeping all in this view, the government has established here an institution called Al-Hamra Arts Council. It was established earlier than Karachi Arts Council.

Al-Hamra Arts Council which is also called Lahore Arts Council is the symbol or icon of human’s aesthetical taste. Here plays, live shows, musical evenings, painting exhibitions and other similar events are organized not only by the government  or the management but also by private sector and civil society.

Actually such activities is the integral part of a civilised human society. It provides the whole day work tired people recreation to be relaxed. Furthermore, such activities also educate people and bring changes in their liking disliking and behaviours towards others.

In addition  to Lahore Arts Council, there is also another esteemed institution namely Punjab Arts Council which also possess open air theater located in Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore.

In Bagh-e-Jinnah itself, such events take place. Here, in every winter flower exhibition too, is held. Sometimes by the management of the garden and sometimes it is sponsored by any private party.



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