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Lahore Literary Festival Ends Now with literary awards


The 3-day-long Lahore Literary festival in concludes with all its excitement and literary dedication.

People of literature, history, culture and political tastes were very good at the festival.

The last day of the three-day lottery festival in Al-Murahal, Lahore, saw Jimmy sitting on a literary sit-in.

The liveliest seat was held in the name of competition in social and traditional media. Which was discussed by Arif Nizami, Maneze Jahangir, Zafar Siddiqui and Maryam Choudhury.

Speakers say that social media has emerged as a power, whose first target is print media, media restrictions are condemnable.

Outside the hall. The festival was held. While the Qawwali Sami brothers of Karachi heard the strange words and made four moons.

The participants said that the festival is a pleasant addition to the tradition of literature and art of Lahore, people have taken something from here.

Participants say such lottery festivals are a mix of entertainment, enlightenment and tolerance.

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