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Lawn and order: Designer campaigns that caught our attention this season


LAHORE: So it’s that time once more; the season to wear garden. Adore it or disdain it, it’s going to assume control and arrives to stay, at any rate all through the late spring.

With regards to garden, bona fide development is uncommon since the objective business sector is immense. In any case, the need to pull in according to today’s diverted shoppers is in any case key.

The current year’s garden spell has incited some fascinating moves that brands have looked to emerge from the group. As the yard rulers clash, we give you a summary of 10 crusades that provoked our advantage.

Zara Shahjahan


Shahjahan’s grass has as of now been discharged and was a significant achievement. The battle, helmed by Abdullah Haris, highlighted ethnic outlines, for example, piece prints and ajraks counterbalance by florals. “The battle is about being consistent with your personality, particularly on the grounds that yard is a Pakistani marvel and we needed to keep it that way. This is the reason we shot in Cholistan, Pakistan,” she says. While an accumulation being sold out may be something to be thankful for, Shahjahan has likewise gotten under the skin of her clients for not having the capacity to meet the abundance requests. Syra Shahroz displayed for the shoot.

FTA for Crimson


After a progression of teasers and first-looks, the brand at last divulged its model Sanam Saeed’s face. “We picked Sanam in light of the fact that she exemplifies everything that the Farah Talib Aziz (FTA) lady endeavors to have. Other than being excellent, she has the most striking identity,” says Crimson Creative Head Maliha Aziz. Additionally helmed by Haris, their shoot occurred at a white manor under upside down crystal fixtures, in the vicinity of a large group of creatures including puppies, felines, rabbits, and even a white cockatoo. Playing on their female tasteful, Crimson’s shoot was eccentric yet fun loving. The accumulation will dispatch on March 28.

Maria B


Maria B figured out how to get the Mann Mayal couple of Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi on board for her battle. “They are the most sultry [on-screen] couple in Pakistan right now and since Maya is our image minister for 2016, we thought it would truly add more oomph to the brand in the event that we get them both for the shoot,” notice Maria. With the extra brownie purposes of getting Maya and Hamza on board, Maria’s garden will hit the stores on March 31.

Sana Safinaz


Launching on March 21, the designer duo’s lawn collection has the model of the moment, Amna Babar, on board. “The idea was to portray Amna shooting for a film in Cholistan and us catching the live action,” shares Safinaz Muneer. With Guddu Shani helming the shoot, the team has also recorded a TVC for which Ali Zafar has provided the soundtrack.

“Every year we try to do something different with weaving techniques such as different jacquards, burn-outs, chikankari and of course, embroidery. Nearly everyone has done soft tones with digital but we have done the opposite so that should make us stand out,” she claims.

Nilofar Shahid


The creator shot with Mehreen Syed and Ather Shahzad for her first yard line that propelled on March 18. “Mehreen dependably shoots for Ittehad yet she was likewise the masterpiece for my “Rembrant” gathering at Fashion Pakistan Week a year ago subsequently she was my first decision,” offers Nilofar. About Ather she says, “I have worked with his group in the past and we go path back. They have enormous information of styling and catching yard shoots.” Nilofar indicated looks from the grass accumulation on the fourth day of the late PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW).

Ali Xeeshan


For his first lawn shoot in collaboration with Warda Prints, Ali took an unconventional route. He made the pale-faced beauty, Naja Rajput, wear coats, voluminous skirts and big sleeves with interesting props such as kettles and paintbrushes in the background. In fact, the images acted as springboards for digital conversations where people  discussed how lawn doesn’t have to be mundane. Although aware that this might not work for him commercially, Ali feels it is his way of generating interest around lawn. With another shoot scheduled for the upcoming week, the collection will be out on March 26.



Élan flew to Marrakech, Morocco with the dusky Indian beauty, Nidhi Sunil, for the shoot. Set to release on March 19, the collection’s photography has been carried out by Nadir Firoz while Team NFK partner Maha Burney was in charge of creative direction and styling. The photoshoot incorporated strong cultural and historical elements of the city and Sunil herself looks exotic and ethnic against the scenic backgrounds.

Shehla Chatoor


For Chatoor’s first lawn in collaboration with Shariq Textiles, she chose to fly in Nargis Fakhri for a shoot in Phuket that was helmed by Shahbaz Shazi. “It’s signature Shehla lawn with something for all age groups. You will see glimpses of ‘Soigne’ in my baroque and renaissance designs, Oriental influences from my ‘Chinoiserie’ collection, Japanese influences from ‘Misaki’ and Persian paisleys from my signature bridal and Eastern luxury prêt,” she says. The line is set to launch sometime in April.

Zainab Chottani and Faraz Manan


Zainab and Faraz offer a spot for proceeding with the same appearances of their brands, Jacqueline Fernandez and Kareena Kapoor individually. While crusade astute the two have avoided taking any unnecessary risks, they have an undeniable pizazz for grass and are relied upon to do well industrially.


Saira Rizwan


Saira traveled to Dubai to shoot with Bollywood performer Amy Jackson. The shoot occurred at Bab Al Shams and was helmed by Dubai-based design picture taker, Mazen Abusrour. While it was entirely customary with the shuddering dupattas and the reasonable cleaned model, it was in any case exciting.

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