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Legendary actress Roohi Banu passed away the first year of our calf


LAHORE: A year has passed since the legendary actress Legendary actress Roohi Banu left the world, combining intelligence and beauty. The spiritually influential people, who are greatly influenced by artistic abilities, will live on in the hearts of fans.

Born in Mumbai India on August 10, 1951, she was the daughter of renowned tabla Nawazullah Rakhi Khan. Roohi Banu has played a memorable role in numerous TV hit super hits.

In 1981, he was given the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan. In addition, he received numerous awards for his outstanding performance.

The soul-makers who have made their mark through live performances in the Kiran story, the glass bridge, the yellow rose, the door and many other plays are still alive in the hearts of their fans.

Sadly, Rohini Bano, who mourned her helplessness on the streets of Lahore, lost her life on January 25 last year after living on a ventilator for 10 days.

The failure of the marital life and then the death of the young son had infused the soul mate with a mental illness that kept him unaware of this world and mafia until his death.

Rohani Banu holds an SSc degree in Psychology, she was twice married to a marriage mate but unfortunately both marriages failed, they had only one son who was said to have been murdered because of her spiritual property. Was.

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