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Legendary comedy actor Lahiri’s 91st birthday is being celebrated


KARACHI: Legendary artist Lehri, who is bursting with jokes and unstructured dialogues, is celebrating his 91st birthday today.

Safirullah Siddiqui, commonly known as Lehri (2 January 1929 – 13 September 2012). He was a comedian and actor in the Urdu film industry of Pakistan. He is still considered as one of the most acclaimed comedians of South Asia. Lehri is also known as the comedy king in the Pakistan film industry.

According to details, Laheri. Who started his career in the film ‘Anokhi’ in 1950. He also smiled at the sad faces of his sophisticated, beautiful and touching sentences.

Ambassador Allah alias Lahri achieved rapid progress because of his unique style and humor.

Lahiri has worked in almost two hundred films. For Instance: The Man Who Changed, The Night’s Passion, The Joker, Who Does Not Know Someone, Fire, Repentance, and Others. While ‘Anjum, Flowers My Gulshan’ Ka, dil mera beats teri ‘are waves of memorable films.

Lahiri is the first comedian from Pakistan to win the film’s biggest award, 11 times, a record in itself.

His last award was also the Nigar Award, which was given in 1993 in recognition of his services.

Laheri is a legend comedy actor. Who has had millions of fans from all walks of life and still exists today.

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