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Liam Neeson Proposed To Me said Brooke Shields

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Model turned actress Brooke Shields has confessed movie star Liam Neeson asked for her hand in marriage after only three months of dating.

The Blue Lagoon star dated the Irish actor in 1992 after she split from her university sweetheart actor Dean Cain and their relationship became serious very quickly.

Shields writes in her memoir There Was A Little Girl “Liam wooed me with his brogue his poetry and his s**ty choice of Pinot Grigio… I was so impressed with going out with a real movie star… We got serious after only three months. He asked me to marry him without a ring.” They spent Christmas together in New York that year but then Neeson flew to Los Angeles and did not get in touch again for a while.

She expands on the story adding, “He came back after the first time he left me and asked me to marry him again… This was before he started to do a play. And I said, ‘No, no, no, because knowing you you’ll probably fall in love with your next leading lady and marry her so I’m leaving myself out of this.’ And I was dead right.”

Neeson’s co star in the play was actress Natasha Richardson who he married in 1994. Richardson died in a freak skiing accident in 2009 leaving Neeson to raise their two sons alone.

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