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Load wedding – one ticket double films


We have delayed our review on 3 Pakistani films of Eid ul Zaha, because we don’t want to affect their box office. All of three movies are from the houses of new genre of Pakistan Film Industry, from whom we have great expectation of revival of Pakistan Cinema. So our disappointment is also high on their failure. Cinematography and color toning are no doubt of international standard.

After a couple of week after Eid ul Zaha, it is first review on “Load Wedding”.  Director and Producer duo Nabeel Qurshi Fiza Ali Mirza used to deliver some serious message in their movies as they have done in their previous movies like Na Maloom Afrad and Actor is law.

Load wedding has very unique story and main cast is successful pair of Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa.  Film starts a bit slowly. Director Nabeel Qureshi like a experienced director, gave time their character to established. Story revolved around Raja (Fahad Mustafa) who love and want to marry Marro (Mehwish Hayat) since childhood. He has two hurdles in his way, 1st he never expressed his love to Marro and 2nd Marro get married to some other man. The story gives a 2nd chance to hero,  Marro’s husband died on marriage night and still hero have to overcome two more hurdles 1st Marro labeled unfortunate and 2nd hero’s mother warning he can’t marry till the marriage of his over weighted elder sister baby (Faiza Hasan). Baby’s Poorness and fatness are the gaps between her marriage, difficult to bridge. Nabeel Qureshi has showed life of rural Punjab very aesthetically and not missed any small detail. This is the story till intermission.

Now move to 2nd movie … oh sorry 2nd half, a complete different story. Marro has been forgetting. Frustrated Baby is seeing to struggle to gather “Jahez” for her marriage. Backdrop totally changed from small village to lime lights of TV channel studios. There is good comedy with parody of famous TV host look like (Faheem Khan). Film viewer cannot control their laugh. Film’s songs are good.

If film maker have hired a story writer and give attention of continuity of single story, they need not to complaining about less show of the movies. Powerful content can get their place in business race. In Eid business this movie has secured 3rd place.

Tomorrow we will review “Jawani Pher Nahin Ani 2”






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