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Lohan rivals Trump with own island

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LOS ANGELES-Lindsay Lohan is designing her own ‘Lohan Island’ in Dubai in a bid to ‘’out-Trump’’ American President Donald Trump .


The White House incumbent and business mogul has built several buildings and hotels named after himself, most famously Trump Tower in New York City, and now Lindsay is following suit.

Appearing on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, the 31-year-old actress – who has her own nightclub chain – said: ‘’I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai at the World Islands … Lohan Island . I’m like out-trumping Trump with the name Lohan .’’ Lindsay revealed she is also opening a new branch of her Greek nightclub chain on the island of Mykonos.

She said: ‘’I have my club too in Athens and then we’re opening one in Mykanos.

‘’I figured I’ve gone to enough, I should have my own. It’s called Lohan Nightclub. It’s really fun, it’s a fun place.’’ Host Wendy asked the star is a nightclub chain was the right business for someone with her history of drug and alcohol problems.

Lindsay replied: ‘’No actually it’s really fun to watch other people look ridiculous. And I try to go once every few months. And then in Mykonos we’ll do this summer. But that’s exciting to me … I have a lot of little projects because I like to keep myself busy.’’

Lindsay is spending less and less time in her native US and recently revealed she was bitten by a snake during a trip to Thailand. The ‘Mean Girls’ star was hiking through the jungle in the Asian country when she encountered the reptile but she insists she is now doing OK.

Speaking in her Instagram Story, she shared: ‘’I love this, so beautiful. Amazing place. Aside from my snake bite. I got bit by a snake on a hike the other day … The positive side of it is I’m OK. Happy New Year and god bless.’’

However, the ‘Freaky Friday’ star isn’t too concerned by the bite as her ‘’shaman told her it was good luck and positive energy’’.

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