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Lollywood Film Nigri In Lahore: The Place Where Time Has Stopped


I looked around and saw a young man wearing jeans and a jacket with a backpack on his back trying to enter the bungalow alone.

Half a dozen security guards standing outside resisted and he kicked one so hard that he jumped and fell away. Then he punched the other so hard that he spat blood out of his mouth and piled up.

But then suddenly the sound of ‘cut’ came and brought me from the movie to the real world.

There is no doubt that most of us grew up making fun of such movies. Movies in which the lone hero reaches his love by tricking dozens of opponents.

Movies in which the heroine tries to win the heart of a hero who does nothing by dancing in the middle of the fields. Or those movies where the villain not even take the name of dying by bullets one after the other.

In last years few film makers of Pakistan was successful in making films on unwanted topics and many of the film makers was wondering whether the earlier film making has been stopped. And Lolly wood film industry is on a new path. But it was bot possible.

Come on let’s go to the film Nigri Lolly wood Lahore where even today many different films have been made in which some are bad and good. The reason behind is due to its weak stories, false stories weak characterization and low-quality production.

When contract broke.

A lunch break taken during the shooting of Punjabi film “Rang ishq da” at the farm house on Bedian Road in Lahore.

I wanted to know the reason for the current state in Lahore film industry, Lolly wood from the film director and writer Pervaiz Kaleem.

When the contract broke, a lot of change made. The mood of the people changed long ago. We didn’t believe it. We have come to our senses today when the youth rejected the useless, careless and weak films.

Pervaiz Kaleem film director and producer.

Lolly wood is no more

Four decades ago Pervaiz Kaleem who has been working in the film making believes that these period of the films are close to the reality. Movies will no longer like the medium level movies.

We use to put colorful seats, sometimes of one color and sometimes of other color, film escaped from these. Famous film contributor Ijaz Gul declare that the Lolly wood is almost finish. He say film made here are equal to none. The uncommon film made cannot be consider to be the part of film industry.

In last two decades the quality of the Lolly wood movies has been very poor. In terms of writing, directing and technically, these films were the totally failure this is the main reasons which led to the collapse of this industry.

We cannot updated

For the next scene choosing the wardrobe (clothes) for the heroine of the film Pervaiz Khan declare that the old film makers of the Lahore are facing the scarcity of modern technology and trained technical staff.

People think they insult to updated. The one who is standing think that i am standing on the right place. This industry is changing very fast. The camera arrive today is then replace by the new one a year later. Technique of making film does change but the idea of making films can not be changed.

Hollywood cameras

This is not possible that everyone is agree with this views. Sitting with the Pervaiz Kaleem, Kahif Riaz the young producer of his film has a different opinion.

Hollywood camera Eri Alexa

Now getting the modern cameras lights and other equipment’s is no longer a big problem now. In Lahore many films shot on the latest camera. We have same camera that is use in Hollywood and Bolly wood. You can take example of this movie ” Rang Ishq da” Punjabi movie shot on the latest Eri Alexa camera.

Studios that no longer exist

One of the result for the current situation Lahore’s film industry is the end of the film studios. This is the reason why Pervaiz Kaleem blames for the wrong decisions of the studio owners. The importance of the studios was finish because they did not adopt modern technology and the expand of their work.

Twenty years ago, when i saw the digital film cameras in Thailand, after that when i came to Pakistan i told that the studio owners and cameramen are here. But they all started to say bad things about me What happened?

He heard that “how the film end negatively?” On this they say that we are ready to accept the change mentally. But today everyone has to agree.

Making movie at home

According to film contributor one of the main reason for the end of the studio system is that making film is now so easy and common.

They say that you can make films easily sitting at home.

Now a days most of the films are shot at their real location, so there is no need of big studios. A decades ago, the film was filmed in negative which is develop in studio lab. This series also ended after the film went digital.

Lahore VS Karachi

Once the Lahore is consider to be the pivot of the Pakistani film industry, but now most local films are made in Karachi. This change increases the competition between the film makers working in the two cities, the glance which i saw in the conversation between the director Pervaiz Kaleem and producer Kashif Riaz.

Pervaiz Kaleem then complained that the film makers of Karachi do not consider Lahore film industry as an industry.

The young film makers of Karachi are our juniors and are doing great job. It was such a great pleasure, now educated people is also entering the film industry. But the film made in Karachi is influence by the TV drama.

Pakistani film “NA MALOOM AFRAD 2” picture

Budget is not everything

Kashif Riaz producing his first film said most of the films made in Karachi is being supported by collective sector in terms of sponsorship and this is the facility that producer like him do not have.

But director Pervaiz Kaleem thinks a big budget alone is not a guarantee of a good film. It’s very strange, the film weighed against the budget. I think the film should weighed against the idea. This is the creative work. If you want to create “Mughal-e-Azam” then definitely you will need a big budget, but if the film is on the social topic then it can be made on the low budget.

No need of multiplexes

One of the complain which Lolly wood film makers has is the modern multiplexes in big cinemas due to which their films are not screen because the real income of the film now a days comes from these multiplexes. The answer was give by the film contributor Ijaz Gul.

No matter whatever the film is but its last destination is the cinema hall. The reason why these films do not reach the multiplex is that the multiplex owners only select films that can be the source of income. These films are not of that quality by which a lot of money can be made.

Writer and director Pervaiz Kaleem admits that most of the films made by his fellow director do not reach multiplexes.

I think there exist most of the difficulties in the beginning. Now only the few drops of the rain has fallen. We need to take the multiplex owners in our trust. And now question occurs that “how?” The answer is by making good movie.

Bye bye Gundasa

Most of the people often ask that which people of the Pakistan is successful. Whether the Lahore film is good or Karachi film? What is the film and what is the drama, when and how the Pakistani films compete with India.

Anyway except of this debate, one thing is definite: new technique and new ideas therefore take place in the new age and improvement is only in breaking from the old traditions. For the shooting of the next scene Pervaiz Kaleem admitted that today generation don’t want to see the unjust killing in the movies like “Gundasa”

Moula jutt film made four decades ago.

The film which i am making now doesn’t have Gundasa Kalashnikov.

There is no loudness or non sense in this film. And i am also not saying that i am totally successful but definitely i am trying my best.

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