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Ludwig van Beethoven: who continued to produce magical music despite his deafness


May 7, 1824, An evening of music in Vienna. The city’s elite and the elderly are present at the Royal Court Theater. Everyone here is looking forward to a very special occasion and this was the premiere of Ludwig van Beethoven ninth symphony which is still seen as a rare occasion in the world of music.

Ludwig van Beethoven

However, the expectations of the people there were very high, they had not made a new symphony for a long time. Beethoven had not been seen on stage for the past 12 years, but he was finally on stage.

The veteran musician took the stage from the podium with his largest orchestra. It was a concert that had never happened before and could not happen later.

Between 1797 and 1798, Ludwig van Beethoven had difficulty hearing. He left Vienna in 1802 on the advice of doctors. They moved to the neighbouring town of Heligenstadt in search of peace. From here he wrote a letter to his brothers, also known as the Heligansdate Will. In the letter, he writes about the growing opinion about suicide and the need to stay away from other people.

However, in the last days of his life, according to some stories, he recognized some voices as if he was surprised to hear screams.

“Beethoven remained hopeful until the end of his life. This is an aspect that cannot be ignored,” Tunbridge added.

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