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A Young Doctor Maha Shah commits Suicide.


About Maha Shah

A girl named Maha Shah. Who lived in Karachi and is a young doctor dies today. She commits suicide. And found dead in her washroom after she scummed a gunshot. She was taken to hospital but till then she dies.

She was daughter of Gaddi Nashen of Garhori Sharif, Syed Asif Ali Shah.

Friend Post after Maha commits suicide

The reason for the suicide is still unknown. Where as her friend, Zarmeena Ikram shared a long note for Maha and wrote, They say nobody DIES with the one’s who die. But the truth is a part of us DIES with them and it’s the MOST HELPLESS FEELING!”

She further wrote: Maha, I remember you as a charmer. A girl full of life and ambitions. A girl who could have saved if had prevented from what she did.”

With suicide cases, there’s always an associated feeling of sense of responsibility towards our loved ones. And to address where we lack .. so many ifs and buts filling our minds in an endless chorus.”

She further wrote: Nevertheless, the one’s who leave they make our hearts little more hollow with their absence. Such is the hollowness caused by you Maha. I wish I was there for you. Please recite Surah-Al-Fatiha for the departed soul. May Allah grant her a highest place in Jannat. Ameen Sum Ameen!”

Some positive changes

A twitter user named Maham Jee has tweeted such a good tweet. Which if we will all follow. There will be not such cases of suicide anymore. The depression stress and all sort of family tensions have destroy the young generation that they didn’t have any option to attempt rather than suicide. We should therefore made some positive changes in our society to save our upcoming generation. Here is her tweet:

She has said well. Somehow recite Surat-Fateha for her. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen!

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