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Mahira Khan advice to her loved ones


The leading actress of Pakistan film and TV industry Mahira Khan has advised her fans to treat everyone with kindness.

In a message released on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Mahira Khan wrote, “Whatever you have in your heart for a person, you should say all those things on his face and call yourself honest. Is it okay?” Or do you consider this process ‘cool’?

“The fact is that it is not honesty but indifference that you do to humiliate another person,” Mahra Khan wrote.

The actress also wrote, “Please be kind to everyone, treat everyone well, this is for the good of all.”

This special message of Mahira Khan is being well-liked by her fans and users are also seen commenting on it.

Earlier, Mahira Khan, in an interview with designer HSY, told her fans about the special person of her life, ‘Saleem Karim’, saying that it was as if he had met me in return for some of my good deeds.

Mahira Khan had said, “Whenever I look at Saleem Karim, it comes to my mind that I have done some good deed in my life for which Allah has blessed me with this person.” ‘

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