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Mahira Khan breaks silence on India-Pakistan tensions


Amid escalating tensions between Pakistan and India, many actors have spoken out on the recent deteriorating relations within the film and television industry.

After Fawad Khan made a statement on Friday, Mahira Khan has followed suit. The star took to her Facebook page on Saturday.

“In the 5 years that I have been working as an actor I believe that I have tried my best to keep my country’s respect intact – by being a professional and by representing Pakistan here and elsewhere to the best of my abilities,” she said.

“As a Pakistani and citizen of the world I strongly condemn any act of terror, any loss of human life no matter which soil it is on. I will not rejoice in bloodshed and war. I will always hope for and dream of a world where my child can live without it, and always plead with everyone to imagine a peaceful world,” she added.

She continued, “It has also been in this time my faith in saner minds and goodness has been restored, thank you for the messages, love and support.
Hoping and praying for peace always.

Earlier, Mahira had also tweeted a viral Facebook post which advocated for peace between the two neighbours.

Fawad Khan, also an actor who had not until recently released a statement on the matter spoke out.

“This is the first time I have spoken on the matter. Please disregard any other words attributed to me during this time because I have not said them. I thank all my fans and fellow artists from Pakistan, India and people in general all over the world who have shown continued support for their belief in love and understanding to unite a divisive world,” he wrote.

In the wake of worsening Indo-Pak ties, many in India called for a ban on Pakistani actors. This was soon followed by a Pakistani ban on Bollywood films across cinemas nationwide.

Cinema owners in Pakistan have also decided not to screen any Indian movies until tensions between two countries recede.

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