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Mahira Khan lives her DDLJ moment without Shah Rukh Khan

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Mahira Khan is getting cheap thrills out of having a DDLJ moment. But there is no Shah Rukh Khan in sight.

Mahira Khan rued during the post-release press conference of Raees, “After I signed ‘Raees’… We were doing a photo shoot. I was told Shah Rukh is here. So, I quickly ran out and it was hi-hello. He told me you will be okay. After sometime, I thought that wind would start blowing and there would be leaves falling all around but nothing of that sort happened. Rather, I’m the only heroine he did not spread his arms for.” We totally understand her pain! But that didn’t stop her from having her DDLJ moment, complete with sarson ke khet in the background. (Also read: Revealed: Here’s why Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan’s Raees got banned in Pakistan)

Mahira posted a slow-mo video of her twirling in a field with sarson ke phool reminding us of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Remember the scene where Kajol runs into Shah Rukh’s arms? How many times have we rewinded that part in the film and imagined us in the actress’s place? An uncountable number of times, we are pretty sure. Guess Mahira too must have thought about the same and acted it out when she got the chance. Of course, there is no Shah Rukh Khan here who is presently busy with his work here. We wonder what it would have been like if SRK was part of this video too! Hold that thought and check out this video right here.

Mahira did feel let down by the ban on Pakistani artiste being implemented so near to the release of her film. She told DNA. “I feel blessed. But at the same time, I feel like that marathon runner who, during the last lap just before the finishing line, is dropped out of the race. There was this feeling when it happened ‘Oh Man, not right now. Now just before the release!’ But despite all that, she found closure when people appreciated her work. We hope that one gratification might have erased all the disappointment she felt of not getting a chance to promote the film India.

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