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Mahira love for ‘Saleem’ was unveiled


Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. While telling her loved ones about the special person of her life. ‘Saleem Karim’, said that it seems as if they have met me in return for some of my good deeds.

It should be noted that last year some pictures and videos of Mahira went viral in which she was present at a wedding ceremony in Turkey and her friend Saleem Karim was also with her.

After the photos went viral on social media, some rumours were circulating that the actress had got engaged to her old friend Saleem Karim in Turkey but all these false reports were later denied by Mahira.

In a recent interview, the expert described Saleem Karim as the love of his life and said that he feels as if he has done some good deed in his life in return for which Allah made me fall in love with Saleem Karim. Is.

Recently, Mahira Khan also gave a live interview to renowned designer HSY on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram in which she said something about her love ‘Saleem’ for the first time.

During the interview, the host talked to Mahira Khan about her love and said, “We all know that you have fallen in love and that person’s name is Saleem.” Mahira Khan was embarrassed when the host mentioned the person’s name.

The host asked Mahira Khan what comes to mind first when you look into her eyes, to which Mahira Khan said a dialogue from her famous drama ‘Humsafar’:

I do not know if you have received me in return for any good

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