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Mahira Khan Mission has brought to people’s homes off the stove, Mira


Lahore: the cold war between film star Mira and Mahira Khan now open in the media court.

MeeraMira said that Mira is Corrupt and Conspires corrupt anuty women, while also being hit hard by the Mahira Khan said sentences. Older news media, where media are topping the center of attention, the people advised him booth to concentrate on improving their work not fights. Some people criticize private life of Mira and also criticism on Mahira Khan Replica acting on all TV and Films characters.

As we approached actress Mira, She said tired of each person associated with showbiz industry with Mira Khan plots. The ‘mission to be associated with showbiz stove actresses houses in this area have taken. Today, government, advertising agencies, production houses owners I ask you a few questions that were not in showbiz until Mahira in Pakistan, People are not working well or Hard? The ruling Pakistan with actresses from the showbiz industry for years with talented young actresses should take off this field? What Mahira Pakistan’s showbiz industry alone could take loan market? What did not work before in Bollywood? I do not see the work of our persuasion of other artists.

Actress I said I had several time challenge to Mahira Khan in acting but never she ready for this. On the other hand if we talk acting in the commercial I feel that same way Talk and style in every commercials. Therefore I appeal to individuals master the government, industry and the media conspiracy to turn our stoves. On the other hand, when this Mahira Khan was contacted them to find out their stand to get off the phone.

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