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The heartbroken death of the expert American host


Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan was heartbroken over the death of American writer, actor and host James Lipton.

He is heartbroken to hear the news of Lipton’s death. Sharing a video based on James Lipton of the US journal on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

He praised famous shows like James Lipton’s ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ and thanked them for producing such a unique show.

Well-known American actor and host James Lipton was born on September 19, 1926, in Michigan, USA, and left the world at the age of 93.

According to Lipton’s wife, Lipton was suffering from a fatal disease like bladder cancer, and this led to his death.

Lipton, who served as host of the leading show ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ beginning in 1994. It interviewed several artists at his show.

The highlight of the show is that guests invited to a segment of the show taught students at Lipton Academy to perform.

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