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Mahira Khan praised her ex-husband


The Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan says about her ex-husband. That her ex-husband is very supportive of her when it comes to her son.

A video of Mahira talking about her ex-husband is going viral on social media Instagram.

Mahira Khan says that her ex-husband is a very helpful and supportive person. In the case of her son Azlan, her ex-husband is not at all careless.

“My ex-husband, his father and my whole family are all on the same page when Azlan or I need someone,” she added.

Mahira Khan said, “I grew up in my in-laws. My son is very close to his grandfather. His father-in-law keeps calling him and whenever a new interview is released, his father-in-law calls him.” Appreciate it very much.

Regarding the difficult time that was coming upon her, Mahira said that the time that came during the separation proved to be very difficult for her.

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