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Mahira Khan prayer for women as bride goes viral


Karachi: Actress Mahira Khan prayer for women in the form of a bride went viral.

World-renowned actress Mahira Khan and director Shoaib Mansoor reappeared once again, but this time it was neither a drama nor a film, but it was the poem of the poet, Allama Iqbal’s poem “Lab pe aati h dua ban kr”, which was set in motion. Women’s emotions have been translated through The title of the song is ‘Dua Rame’, the bride’s prayer.

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The video of the song shows that the marriage ceremony is going on during the marriage of the bride, in which some women are praying for the bride in the form of songs and the people in the music are very interested in the manner of praying.

However, Mahira looks very helpless and humble during the prayers of women. Where she also quietly tells everyone that what a horrible prayer is being done, we will pray for ourselves. Then Mahir Khan himself appears to be praying for the same poem on the ground.

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