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Australia, forest fires, Mahira Khan sad


KARACHI: Pakistani actress Mahira Khan Sad reaction. To has been saddened for the death and injury of animals killed in an Australian forest fire.

According to details, horrific fires in Australia’s forests have not been controlled for the past several months. As a result of the fire, many people were killed and injured as a result of the fire.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan sad. Shared a video of Australian wildfires and the affected animals and wrote, ‘What have we done to our planet?’

It should be noted that. Australian forest fires and smoke have so far left 24 deaths. While hundreds of firefighters are constantly trying to extinguish the fire.

According to the official statement. 175 houses have been confirmed due to the fire so far. While the sky is turning red due to the flames.

The meteorological department said the temperature would rise to 46C in the next few days, which worsened the situation.

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