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Mahira Khan said: “I always miss my mother’s cradle song”.


Most popular Actress Mahira Khan said: “One of the most beautiful memories are to fall asleep while listening to mother’s cradle song.

In a post on the most used social networking site Instagram. Mahira Khan refreshed her childhood memory. In the post, she wrote that the thing which I missed most is my mother’s cradle song which gives her instant sleep.

Mahira Khan further wrote: “When I gained understanding. I stay up all night waiting for sleep. Dreaming with awake eyes was my favorite hobby. These dreams include getting a prize at school, acting in a movie, or talking to my favorite person.”

Actress also wrote that she wished that everyone in her home sleep early. So that she can easily without any difficulty dream whatever she wished for. Mahira says that I imagine. Allah is watching everything.

Mahira Khan who worked with Shahrukh Khan rival Indian film “Raees”. Mahira told that the habit of waking up at night is still there. But the difference is that childhood dreams have come true. Now the scenarios of the dream have changed.

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Ever since I was a child I’ve had a sleeping issue.. or at least that’s what I was told. All I remember is, waiting for the night to come so that everybody else would fall asleep and I would have the night all to myself. I used to dream with my eyes wide open – imagining God knows what all. Acting in a film, winning something in school, talking to the boy I had a crush on.. I would play out different scenarios every night. I can’t say I miss it.. because nothing really has changed ( except for the scenarios of course)! What I do miss, is my Ama singing to me when we were little. That used to put me to sleep right away.. P.S will be stealing more of your work for my stories @abdalmufti amazing art 🍂 @kaavishtheband 🧡

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