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What did Mahira Khan say about the slogan in Aurat March?


Leading actress Mahira Khan says that this year. Instead of controversial slogans. Women should discuss issues that are really women’s issues in our country.

According to details, like every other year. After the controversy over the march this year, Khan took to social networking site Twitter and posted his thoughts.

Mahera Khan announced her support for the Women’s March. But requested that. The real issues of women be raised by choosing the right words and avoiding the issue of controversial slogan play cards.

“We do not march for ourselves but for those who cannot march for themselves,” he said. “As a privileged woman. I will march for those who are not privileged like me. Who do not have the basic rights that I have had since childhood.”

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“Can’t we be careful at this point for our words and slogans?” Can’t we raise play cards for the demands we are also fighting for, which we want to address? For basic rights and for those who are in distress because either they are unaware of their rights or they are deprived of it.

The expert also said that we can raise the banner about the rules that should be in place for us, and those that have hurt women.

However, Don’t we want to convince more and more people why we are marching,” he added.

In her post, the expert also said that the organizers of the march are experienced and can understand them better, they are only proposing based on their observations.

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