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Mahira Khan teaches Humayun her special recipe.


Actor Humayun was taught by actress Mahira Khan to make a dish of his choice which he liked immensely.

The on-screen duo of Humayun Saeed and Mahira is very popular. The two had entertained the fans by acting together in the film Bin Roy. After which the fans want her to appear in more films together.

This time the actors appear together but not on a big screen. But in a kitchen where the actress taught herself to make a star and Humayun the omelette of her choice.

Humayun Saeed said that Mahira had taught him how to make a similar omelette. During the shooting of the film ‘Bin Roye’ and since then he has love and like it very much.

He further said that Humayun likes egg very much. He and Mahira also shares their Shooting experience of movie “Bin Roye“. They say during shoot when we get hungry me and Humayun use to go and cook eggs and eat them.”

Humayun and Mahira told that they loved eating eggs. Mahira in The below video tells how to cook two type of eggs. One is cheese and tomato omlette. And another one is “Sitaroon walay Anday”. It sound interesting. Well she tells in the video that when she use to be young. Whenever she is hungry her father use to cook for her. That is called “Sitaroon walay Anday”.

Humayun Saeed said that it is always fun to cook with an expert. And thank you very much for teaching me. How to make omelette which I can eat any time of the day?

Mahira cook it very nicely and it seems like it will be very delicious in eating. She tells that you should also try these omelettes at home. As they are very delicious and amazing dishes. Mahira and Humayun had funny talks in the video as well they entertain the seeing audience greatly. Watch the video and find it out!

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