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What is the reason for the Mahwesh Hayat airport administration being disrupted?


KARACHI: Actress Mahwesh has heard the administration of a dirty and cockroaches in the toilet of the Hayat Karachi Airport.

According to details, the actress of the film and showbiz industry Mahwesh Hayat has expressed great indignation at the management of Karachi airport which is due to the airport’s ladies washroom.

Mahwesh Hayat is an actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry who, in addition to showbiz, speaks openly on social, political, public and global issues.

Last night, the actress confronted the administration on the mess at Karachi Airport, while Mahwesh Hayat also told the administration on social networking site Twitter that the specific toilets for women at Karachi airport were full of filth and scuffing. Cockroaches were also present.

He said that this situation in the washroom is not only harmful to the people of Pakistan but also that people coming from outside will get the impression if they see this mess.

Actress Mahwesh Hayat added that cleaning toilets is one of the basic amenities.

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