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Mahwesh Hayat condemns General Qasim Sulaimani’s murder


The star-studded Pakistani actress Mahwesh Hayat has condemned the assassination of Iranian commander Qasim Sulaimani in a US airstrike yesterday.

On the social networking site Twitter. Mahwesh Hayat wrote in his message that. ‘I cannot believe that the world stands on the brink of war after 72 hours of the New Year.’

He wrote that. “it is only when the leaders of the free countries make unilateral decisions regardless of international laws. Conditions and this is not limited to Iran and the United States alone, may Allah protect us.”

Mahwesh Hayat also wrote the hashtag ‘Sulaimani’ at the end of his tweet.

A user question on Mahwesh’s question raised. however, The ability of women to understand international affairs, and Mahwesh’s response came as well.

“Ever since women have started taking interest in international affairs,” one user wrote in a sarcastic reply to Mahwesh’s tweet.

Mahwesh wrote in response to the user that. However, The great woman of France, the master of beauty and beauty. The ancient Egyptian queen Klopetra. Britain’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pakistan’s only female Prime Minister. Benazir Bhutto taking the name of martyr. He said that these are just a few names.

However, He cautioned the user that. It was time to come out of your little place where you were staying and enjoying coffee.

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