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Making Haleema Sultan A Pakistani brand ambassador is a slap on our face.

Karachi: Actress Zahalay Sarhadi said that making Ersa Beljik (Haleema Sultan) A Pakistani brand ambassador is a slap on the face.

Actress Esra Beljik played the lead role of Haleema Sultan in the drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi”. There is no doubt that the number of fans of Esra is increasing day by day. Everyone is curious to know about her. As one with the case of Indian Actresses.

Social media is only the platform where fans stay in touch with their artist. Seeing the growth of popularity of Turkish actors in Pakistan. Many companies using these artists to promote their products.

Although the actor Yasir Hussain is also not happy. And made a statement against making Turkish actor ambassador of Pakistani brands instead of Pakistani actors and now Zahalay Sarhadi has also joined the list.

Yasir Hussain

A video of a recent interview with Zahalay Sarhadi goes viral on social media. She has expressed her displeasure over the appointment of Esra Beljik as an ambassador of Pakistani brands. She says that in this case, she is complete with Yasir Hussain.

Zahalay Sarhadi said, “If you make Turkish actress Halima Sultan the brand ambassador instead of Pakistani actresses, it is a slap on the face”. Why do you bring in artists from other countries to promote your products? Why don’t you work with local artists? What are our people afraid of?

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